Hey! My name is Sam & I want to make your mod!

I’m a qualified developer who got into Minecraft modding around 2011. I didn’t really make anything worthwhile until 2013 where I released my first mod “Magic Utilities”. There’s not much left on the internet about the mod, but It wasn’t great. I started working hard at improving my skills and now I’m at a stage where I can proudly say I make quality content.

My Mods

Here’s a list of some of my personal projects, you might have heard of a few!

Arcane World

At the time of writing this (October 2018), Arcane World is still in beta. I’m proud of what this mod is turning into. It’s got randomly generated dungeons, awesome effects, unique items, instanced boss fights and a whole lot more.

It’s a bit different from the rest of my mods, I generally stay with a “vanilla” theme, but this mod departs from that into an end product that I think is awesome.


Silly name aside, this is a unique mod. It changes the game’s core mob spawning mechanic.

I always thought the fact that you can spam a large amount of torches, very early on and be safe from mobs forever was a bit of a cheesy tactic. This mod changes it so the player can claim an area of land. Mobs can’t spawn in this area, but they can spawn anywhere else, at all light levels.

While this also creates interesting gameplay, it also allows players to build aesthetically pleasing builds with varying light levels.

Better Compass

This is a small mod, but one I really like.

It allows you to set the position that a compass is pointing at - Simple!


A mod that automatically plants saplings and seeds on the floor.

Ender Hopper

Adds a hopper that can pull and push into ender chests!

Fluid Funnel

Vanilla-like fluid transport and storage.


A tiny mod that somehow got a lot of downloads. It allows endermites to burry into purpur, creating shulkers.

Set Effect

A powerful mod that allows modpack creators to give the player effects when wearing combonations of armor

Simple Teleporters

One of my earlier mods, adds a teleporter!

Simple Underground Biomes

Adds several rock variants to spruce up the underground!

The Mod That Lets You Punch Wool Off Sheep

This mod lets you punch wool off sheep.

Trap Expansion

Adds several vanilla styled trap blocks.

Totem Expansion

Expands upon the vanilla games’s totem of undying by adding several new totem varients.