I don’t want to beat around the bush with pricing. I’d rather be honest, I think it’s best for everyone involved.

All payments must go through PayPal.
It is required that a payment of 60% of the full price is paid before work is started.
The final 40% will be paid before you recieve the final product.

The base cost

It’s hard to name a price upfront, as mods vary greatly. It’s unlikely your mod will cost the EXACT amount listed on this page, but it should only be used as a guide. I reserve the right to charge more or less than the prices list on this page.

Small Mod - $30

  • Just a few, small features

Medium Mod - $50

  • Not small, but not massive

Large Mod - $100

  • Decent sized mod

Very Large Mod - $150+

  • If it’s a very large mod, we should talk some more.

Not sure?

  • Contact me anyway

All mods will contain these things, see below on pricing to modify these.

  • The mod as descripted by you
  • Open source on Github
  • Hosted on Curseforge
    • I recieve 100% of curse points
  • Textures created by me
  • Licenced under MIT
  • Free bugfixes for 60 days after initial release
  • Free updates to minor Minecraft versions


If you want to modify the contents of the base package, it may cost you a bit more, or it could save you a bit of money!

Open Source & licencing

By default, the mod will be open source with the MIT license.

If you would rather the mod be closed source, a fee of $15 will be added and an All Rights Reserved license will be applied, and full ownership of code and assets will be transferred to you.

Self Hosting and/or Curse Points

By default, the mod will be hosted on Curseforge and I will receive 100% of the curse points.

If you would like to host the mod off Curseforge or would like the curse points generated, a fee of $15 will be applied


By default, I will create the textures for the mod.

If you would like to use your own textures, the price of the mod will go down. This amount will depend on how many textures the mod contains. If you would like me to get a professional artist to create you textures, the price will go up depending on how many textures the mod contains.

Bug Fixes

By default, the mod will get free bug fixes for 60 days after the initial release.

If you would like no bug fixes, the price of the mod will go down by $10 (Not recommended)
If you would like extended bug fixes or would like bug fixes after the initial 60 days, the price will go up depending on how large the mod is.

Major Minecraft Version Update

By default, I wont update to major Minecraft versions.

The price of a major Minecraft version update will depend on the size of the mod and how complicated the process to update to the new Minecraft version is.


All prices are negotiable.